Why is the blog good at conveying information to a wide audience?

Who can access the blog?

This blog uses simple language that should be understandable even to those who are inexperienced in IT. The blog has built-in WordPress accessibility features which allow the user to alter the colour scheme and font style on-demand, hopefully widening the audience which should be able to use this blog.


Additionally, the blog uses images in many posts to help further explain the scenario – The images have subtitles and captions so vision-impaired individuals with screen-reading software can also gather information from the images provided in the posts.

Editing and Publishing the blog

Editing and publishing the blog posts is extremely easy and painless. The amendments and created blog posts appear almost immediately and there are basically no obstructions to stop you from being able to edit the post as many times as you like. There are privacy settings for each post which lets you choose whether you’d like the post to be public, private or unlisted.


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