What the blog doesn’t do so well

The blog does not accomplish much of a unique layout. The customization features on WordPress are held back Premium subscribers so personalisation is fairly low. A lot of templates are available for you to set up your blog with, but a majority of them are not free and must be bought. Even if you do buy such a template, you will also need to pay another fee on top of that simply to customize the fonts and backgrounds.

Is it easy to make a blog entry?

It’s very easy to make a blog entry on WordPress. You go to “Reader->New->Post”, fill in the heading for the new post and then the summary and press Publish. It will immediately be added to the blog and readable by your viewers according to the privacy setting you specified when the post was published.

How easy is it to update an existing entry?

It’s very easy to update an existing blog entry and there is little obstruction to prevent you from doing so. Simply choose which entry you’d like to edit, press the edit button near the title of it and change the text and data within the blog post and press Publish and the changes will take place immediately.


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