What does the WordPress do to help your security?

Passwords and Login Details

Setting up your account for WordPress is similar to how you’d do so in many other sites, specify your username, e-mail and password. The website strongly encourages you to use a strong password and even gives you a small blurb to describe what a secure password must look like, exclaiming that it should contain capital letters, numbers and punctuation.

There is a button labelled “Generate Strong Password” which chooses a long array of random letters, number and symbols for you to use as your password – a nice touch and example-setter for beginners.

Emails to register

As soon as you register to WordPress you are required to verify your e-mail address to associate it with the account and use the website fully (and gain privileges such as uploading images, among others).

If you entered the wrong e-mail during registration and fail to verify your account due to this, then you can change it after the account has been created, preserving your account.


If you create a concerning amount of blog posts or comments then you will be asked to enter a captcha to continue doing such actions as the website will begin to suspect that you are automating these actions. After you have passed the captcha you will be allowed to do the same action again as many times as you enter the captcha.

This is a standard, yet effective way of repelling bots.


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