IT’s effect on Local Communities

Ever since IT was introduced to the general public, it’s use for communication and socializing became more and more apparent. Now it’s not unusual to see people check websites or phone applications to see what time an event or meeting will take place. Local communities can host their very own websites to provide the details required by their its members.

For example, the WI (Women’s Institute) have a website where all of the meetings and event relevant to the members are easily accessible – Another example would be the council’s website and how it can inform the user when either a local event is taking place, or simply what day they must take out their bin.

Additionally, certain college institutes will text you via your mobile phone to notify you that you have an exam coming up, which gives you a head start in knowing your seating position.

This array of communication methods has created a unison of information among practically anybody capable of using technology, and as such it has become standard to expect that somebody has access to the Internet and this information.


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