Ethical Effects of IT

Ethics get a very in-depth involvement in IT, particularly when it surrounds privacy of data and other such things that are expected to be in-tact.

Privacy of Information

The most noteworthy of all is how data is handled using IT and how according to the Data Protection Act, data holders are obliged to protect and not abuse personal or private data of people.

Whilst the act does protect against explicit abuse of the data, it has no power to enforce against authorized personnel from accessing the data immorally.

For example, if a doctor would like to investigate the health profile of a patient who they have no direct business with, it would be immoral to do so; and as aforementioned, the act does not enforce against this so the doctor is perfectly clear to do so, but ethically deterred.

Unequal Access of Information

Unequal access of information is a highly contextual subject which does not have a simple answer on whether it is reasonable. If someone must do their work and are at a disadvantage due to their inability to access or use a resource, this would be immoral unequal access of information – which again, is deterred.

Moreover, Unequal Access of Information can also be a protective thing – For example a large corporation could have many workers, it would be impractical to give them all the same access rights to the database of the company, such as the address of their customers or the financial information of the company itself.

Therefore it would be a good idea to restrict people who are not working in the financial area of the corporation to not be able to access the tools or rights that the only financial workers really need. Vice versa should also apply.


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