Accessibility and Colour schemes

Choice of colours

The choice of colours are standard and all-around the most neutral of colours. Readable by colourblind viewers (black on white makes for a great contrast) as well as clearly defined imagery.

Font Style/Font Size

The text size is the expected Arial 12px without serifs so it’s comfortable to read and does not have font decorations such as serifs to make it more difficult to read.

Contrast of Text Background

All of the colours abide to Le Courier’s guidelines of colours which expresses that contrast is important for text to be readable to visually impaired users. The chart used as a guideline for the colour scheme of this website can be found at this link:

Inclusion/Exclusion of images.

Images are added throughout the blog allow for easy information and relation to the text in the post; said images also have alternate captions as previously mentioned to allow visually impaired users to also extract information from the images. While images are not found throughout every blog post, they are used where they are relevant.


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